AgTechInventum accepts applications from AgTech and FoodTech startups from Russia and other countries. All applications are to be pre-qualified by the members of the Expert Council, and the best of them will be invited to a pitch session in June 2022. Our Expert Council brings together professionals from agriculture and ag machinery market, leaders of the technology sector, universities, banks and financial institutions.

Benefits for startups:

  • EXPERTISE: professional assessment of your project by the leading industry experts.
  • MARKET ACCESS: presentation of your project to potential clients: agricultural holdings and farmers, manufacturers and dealers of agricultural equipment.
  • IMPLEMENTATION: testing and launching pilots in agricultural enterprises or dealerships from our partner network.
  • SUPPORT: mentorship and cooperation with development institutions.
  • INVESTMENTS: presentation of your project to potential investors: venture funds and business angels, banks and technological companies.
  • REPUTATION: diplomas for the winners and certificates for all participants.

Special prize for advanced startups by our partner International Association for Agriculture and Food DLG: no-cost participation in the AgriFuture Lab at the world's largest agricultural machinery trade fair AGRITECHNICA to be held in Hanover from February 27 to March 5, 2022, which includes a booth, promo and access to the DLG Virtual Café.

Deadline for applications: May 16, 2022
Our objectives
Our mission is to open the way for the implementation of promising
innovative technological solutions in the agricultural sector.
Fascinate young professionals with advanced technologies in
agrifood industry
Create an "entry point" for tech startups from idea
to implementation
Bring together stakeholders from different sectors to promote tech innovations in agriculture
and food production
Expert Council
Alexey Brumin
Samara State Agrarian University
Alexander Suchkov
Tatyana Kreytor
Sergey Kosogor
Igor Popkov
Moscow State University Science Park
Vladimir Korshunov
Leonid Yakovlev
Andrey Geltser
Cognitive Pilot
Sergey Tkachenko
Agricultural holding "Step"
Igor Kukoev
Digital Agro
Artem Novikov

Mikhail Mizin

Project Manager AgTechInventum


Тел. +7 963 715 55 73

Darya Gert

Key Account Manager AgTechInventum

Olesya Ustimenko

Managing Director ACXOD Association

Ag Machinery Dealers Association
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